Red Bull Truck Enclosure

We got a call from Red Bull explaining that they would be needing a cover for their truck that would be touring the country in 2017.

They wanted something that would withstand wind, and any kind of weather, and they wanted the cover to be a black matte. So we instantly knew what kind of materials we were going to use for this cover, we were going to use Stammoid heavy, and makrolon  for the windows, and GORE Tenara thread in black for sewing it up. If you are interested in seeing some of the testing on this fabric check out this awesome video done in the labs on how durable this fabric is!

For this cover we had to get a little more creative then usual. Since the truck was metal, we sewed in some super heavy duty magnets in the bottom hem, so that the cover would stay secure to the truck and wouldn’t go flapping in the wind when they are driving.

We also used keder to attach to the inside bottoms of the cover that slides into a track on the truck to help ensure its secureness to the truck.

Over all, this cover came out great and is out on the road as of last week working its way around the country!


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