Dodger Window Replacement

Dodger Window Replacement By Chicago Marine CanvasOne of the services we offer here at Chicago Marine Canvas is window replacements. If your windows have yellowed, fogged up, cracked, shrunk, or expanded over time, replacing the glass can fix those issues. This sale boat owner contacted us about foggy, yellowed windows that he needed replaced. One of the first things we do before doing a window replacement is assess the quality level of the canvas. “How many years does it have left? What is your budget?” We have different qualities of glass that we recommend for different quality of canvas. This dodger was in great shape, so we recommended that the customer use a high quality glass that will last as long as their dodger.

Before Image of Dodger Window Replacement By Chicago Marine Canvas

Before image of dodger in desperate need of a window replacement!

For window replacements we usually take the window panel, or dodger in this case, back to the shop and carefully cut out the glass. Then we go back to the boat and snap it back on the boat. After it’s all snapped on, without the old windows, we use one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools, our 3D measuring device and take measurements of your windows. Once we gather all of our needed measurements, we take off the dodger, and head back to the shop with it. Then our designer gets to work and designs the new windows using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, so we can make sure everything looks right. Then we send the designs of the new windows over to our plotter. Our plotter is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools we use here at Chicago Marine Canvas. It quickly draws out whatever we design on the computer perfectly, saving us time and you money at the end of the day! After that, our seamstress cuts out the new windows and gets to work!

Dodger Window Replacement by Chicago Marine CanvasFor these windows we use Strataglass. Strataglass is one of our favorite products when it comes to glass for canvas that is brand new, or in great shape, like this dodger was. It’s the only glass on the market that offers a 2 year warranty! With proper care these windows will outlast its warranty, just make sure that you rinse them with water after you go out on the water, or after your boat has been on the dock to help extend the life of your new windows. Be sure to remove any sunscreen, harmful liquids, or sprays that may accidentally get on the surface.

If your dodger, or enclosure is in need of a window replacement give us a call today! Chicago Marine Canvas is open all year long, ensuring our customers that their boat will be ready to go once the next season begins!

Roll Up Window Replacements

A customer came to us with  a roll up window replacement because their windows were yellowing. This can happen over the years, from sun and weather, or even from boat cleaner chemicals getting on the glass.
To replace these windows we used strataglass, sunbrella binding, and lenzip’s waterproof chain zipper.

Our process to do this is to first take measurements of the windows using our 3D measuring device while the old glass is inside the windows still. We could do it this way because the customer said the windows still fit perfectly, they weren’t too big or small when he put them on his boat recently.

After we take the measurements we do the design work on the computer using CAD software. Then we draw out the new windows using our plotting device so they are exactly what we need.

Then we cut out the old windows, removing all the old discolored glass. After that we put down seamstick which is a double sided tape that helps keep all of our sewing holes a little more waterproof. Over time, dirt and outside debris will get in there and stick to the tape, creating a blockage in the needle hole. We put this all along the outside edge of the glass.

Then we put that aside, and we do the roll up window. First we put down the water proof zipper, also using seamstick. After the zipper is down, we put binding we’ve sew up on the front and back of the window, so it looks nice and clean. After that, we sew down the zipper, then we place the new window into the old canvas, and sew it down.