Roll Up Window Replacements

A customer came to us with  a roll up window replacement because their windows were yellowing. This can happen over the years, from sun and weather, or even from boat cleaner chemicals getting on the glass.
To replace these windows we used strataglass, sunbrella binding, and lenzip’s waterproof chain zipper.

Our process to do this is to first take measurements of the windows using our 3D measuring device while the old glass is inside the windows still. We could do it this way because the customer said the windows still fit perfectly, they weren’t too big or small when he put them on his boat recently.

After we take the measurements we do the design work on the computer using CAD software. Then we draw out the new windows using our plotting device so they are exactly what we need.

Then we cut out the old windows, removing all the old discolored glass. After that we put down seamstick which is a double sided tape that helps keep all of our sewing holes a little more waterproof. Over time, dirt and outside debris will get in there and stick to the tape, creating a blockage in the needle hole. We put this all along the outside edge of the glass.

Then we put that aside, and we do the roll up window. First we put down the water proof zipper, also using seamstick. After the zipper is down, we put binding we’ve sew up on the front and back of the window, so it looks nice and clean. After that, we sew down the zipper, then we place the new window into the old canvas, and sew it down.





Chicago Marine Canvas Wins 2017 Award of Excellence

 Chicago Marine Canvas wins 2017 Award of Excellence

(Jacksonville, Fla. – Jan. 21, 2017) –  Chicago Marine Canvas was recognized with the 2017 Fabrication Excellence Awards for design excellence in marine fabric applications, that took place Jan. 21 at the 2017 Marine Fabricators Conference, at the Jacksonville Marriott Suites in Jacksonville, Fla.

Chicago Marine Canvas received an Award of Excellence for its Blarney Island – Keeping the Customers Warm project. The project was recognized in the competition’s Powerboat – Rigid Enclosures category.

MFA received a total of 82 entries submitted in 9 categories in this year’s competition. Winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges were certified Master Fabric Craftsman professionals who were chosen for their knowledge in a particular product area.

All entries receive prominent recognition at the Marine Fabricators Conference. Entrants receive additional publicity through coverage in the Marine Fabricator and winners not only receive additional coverage in the Marine Fabricator but also on the MFA website and in future MFA marketing material.

The goal of the awards is to promote awareness of the marine fabrics used in marine products and applications ranging in size and type.

The Fabrication Excellence Awards is a competition sponsored by MFA, a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International, a not-for-profit trade association whose over 1,500 member companies represent the international specialty fabrics and technical textiles marketplace.


Overstock Fabric

We have a large supply of overstock fabric on hand that we want to open to the public to buy. Need some upholstery fabric? We have so much of it! Need some waterproof/out door fabric? We have a ton of that too! So come on over to our shop, and take a look! Below is a list, so you have an idea of what we have, but seeing the fabric and feeling it will really help you get a better idea of what we have!

Chicago Marine Canvas
1907 N. Mendel St. Suite 112
Chicago, IL. 60642

Overstock Fabric

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Grey : 10-30Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Brown : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2: Aqualon : Cream : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Black : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Navy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Navy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Blue Basket Weave : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Yellow/Green Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Checkered Light Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Pink/Brown : <30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Red/White/Blue Stripes : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Aqualon :  Burgondy : <30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Brown/Blue/White/Black Plaid : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Blue With Colored Dots : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : White/Blue Stripes : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Burgundy Honey Comb Weave : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3: Unknown : Blue Suede : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown :  Brown Stripes : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Brown Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Purple Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Sunbrella : Orange : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Charcoal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Mountain Rock : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Ivory : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Black : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Blue : 10-30 Yards

 Bay 5 : Aqualon : Smoke/Neutral Rubber/ 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown: Burgondy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Dark Charcoal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown : Black : <30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown : Gold : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Ship2Shore Armada : Lemon Chiffon : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Ivory : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery :  Black/Red : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 :  Unknown Upholstery : Burgundy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Bright Blue : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White Pleated : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White Pleather/Light Blue Backing : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Blue : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : White/Black Stripe : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Brown : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Green : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Teal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Navy : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Red : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Dark Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7: Unknown Upholstery : White Textured : 10-30 Yards

Navigation Console Cover

img_20160802_085850949_hdrNeed a custom cover for your navigation console? Were the people to come to. Using our 3D measuring device, we can assure to fit all your boats needs.


We created this custom cover out of Black Sunbrella fabric. Using DOT snaps, it snaps right onto the console itself making sure the wind wont take it away, and your navigation area will stay dry!

Dinghy Cover

img_20160623_133837972This Dinghy needed a cover to help prevent water from getting into it when it wasn’t being used.

For this cover we had to keep in mind while designing it, that the only part of the boat that we could put snaps on would be the Aft part of the boat on theimg_20160623_134018202 fiber glass, the other parts would need some sort of strap to hold the front and sides down.

img_20160623_133910944_hdrUsing GORE Tenara thread, which has a life time guarantee, Cadet Grey Sunbrella fabric, and Velcro we got to work.

img_20160623_134121796_hdrWe made port and star straps to hold the cover down on the side, and Grey DOT snaps. For this cover, Velcro was the way to go!





Strataglass Vs. Eisenglass

When deciding on a new boat cover there are many options to choose from. Some are easier than others but one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the type of Eisenglass (also commonly spelled as isinglass or isenglass) for your  boats windows.


Strataglass (left) and Clear Vinyl (right) aged 10 year on the same boat

Cost is a factor for everything but visibility and lifespan also have a role in this type of marine product.

Eisenglass Marine Products come in four primary categories:

  • Clear Vinyl on a roll – the least expensive option that offers limited visibility.
  • Polished Vinyl Sheets – great economical option that have good visibily within their 5-7 year lifespan.
  • Strataglass and O’Sea- premium vinyl sheets that offer 10+ year of usage.
  • Lexan and Makrolon – semi-rigid products seen on larger yachts with hard enclosures.

Most boaters narrow their decision down to a brand such as Strataglass vs Eisenglass (aka Clear Vinyl Sheets).   Clear Vinyl Sheets are by far the most popular and can be found on the majority of boats in any harbor.   Strataglass is a big step up in price but you get an excellent product with a much longer life.

This decision though can’t be made on it’s own.   You wouldn’t put a turbocharger in Buick would you?   The same goes with choosing the right isinglass.   As discussed before, these two product has a different lifespan and so do other product that go into the construction of your boat cover.   Thread is one of these factors.   Standard polyester thread has a 5 year lifespan which is similar to clear vinyl sheets.   Gore Tenara thread is more expensive but is guaranteed for life and more suited to be used with Strataglass.   Other finishing factors such as using Facing to cover transition area and Xtreme Seal instead of Webbing also go hand in hand in deciding what type of isinglass to choose.    It’s essentially standard vs. premium.

Both Strataglass and Clear Vinyl Sheets are great products serving different needs.   If you have the means for a premium custom boat cover and plan on enjoying your boat beyond the 5-7 year lifespan Clear Vinyl Sheets provides then Strataglass sounds like a great solution.  Keep in mind that Clear Vinyl Sheets can be replaced too especially if your canvas is in good condition.

And a parting tip for those who have read the whole article……. Suntan lotion may protect you from UV rays but it kills clear vinyl and Strataglass!   It will result in a hazy look if not removed immediately.   So be sure not to let your guests bring any spray suntan lotion or bananas too!

Happy Boating!


Sailrite Window Material Buying Guide

Strataglass Care and Maintenance

IMAR Clear Vinyl Cleaning Products


Best Boat Coffee Makers

Ever look for a boat coffee maker?   Unfortunately there is no such thing as a coffee maker specifically manufactured for a boat but we found two that we consider the best boat coffee makers available!   In choosing a coffee maker for your boat there are a few things to consider.

  • Durability:  Everything “boating” needs to be a little tougher and built better that most items due to the rigorous demands of being on the water.   A glass coffee pot is the last thing you need on your boat!  Durability was a key factor when deciding on the best boat coffee makers.
  • Usability:  Ease of use is also very important which is why we immediately started to look at single cup coffee machines over traditional brewers.  This makes for much easier brewing while underway.
  • Size:  Most boat cabins have limited counter space and storage so your big coffee makers will not make this cut.   The smaller and more compact the better.

Best Boat Coffee Makers

Nespresso Pixie

Best Boat Coffee Maker - Nespresso PixieThe Nespresso Pixie is one of our favorite coffee makers available.  It has a super compact size and good weight to it, when the boat starts a rocking, this coffee maker will not.   It’s offered in a variety of colors but the Aluminum options looks great!

The water container for the Nespresso Pixie is removable from the back and can hold  24 oz. of water.   It has a used capsule container in the front that has a capacity of 11.  The drip tray can also be folded up for for larger glasses too.

One downside to the Pixie is that it’s limited to it’s Lungo pods which are 3.7 oz. of coffee.  It’s best to double up brews to get a full cup.

Key Features

  • Compact and Light (Weight: 6.6lb & Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.4 in x 12.8 in x 9.3 in)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fast Heat Up 25 Seconds
  • Coffee Size Expresso & Lungo
  • Off Mode After 9 Minutes

Overall this is a great compact coffee maker that could find a home on the water in any boat.

Keurig® K10 MINI Plus Brewing System

Best Boat Coffee Makers - Keurig® K10 MINI Plus Brewing SystemThe Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System is larger than the Nespresso Pixie but it offers some great additional key features.

Although larger than the Pixie, it’s still a very compact machine relative to other available models.   It is also able to brew larger cups than the Pixie which is limited at 3.7 oz.  These single use K-Cups are available in over 400 varieties from 60 brands and available at almost every major retailer.

The MINI Plus Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under two minutes at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the MINI Plus brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate short travel mugs. To operate, you simply add fresh water into the single-use reservoir, choose your favorite K-Cup pack, brew and enjoy.

Key Features

  • Energy-Saving Mode
  • My Kcup Compatible
  • Automatic On/Off Function
  • Brews in Under 2 Minutes


Waterproof vs Water Repellent Canvas

Seems like these two words would mean the same but nothing could be further than the truth.   So Waterproof vs Water Repellent Canvas, what’s the difference when it comes to boat canvas?

Water Repellent

Let’s start here since water repellent canvas is a favorite when it comes to marine canvas.  Water repellent marine canvas is an acrylic or polyester blend material that is very tightly woven by the manufacturer.    This naturally prevents water seepage but most canvases are coated with a DWR ( durable water repellent) which makes then more water-resistant.   The DWR coating will wear off over time and does require re-application, this is the type of “waterproofing” sprays you find at your local boat store.   This type of fabric is loved by many in boating due to it’s soft touch flexibility of use.

Waterproof vs Water Repellent CanvasWaterproof

Waterproof is a little easier to understand, no water gets in!   Waterproof marine canvas is typically the same acrylic or polyester blend you find with water repellent fabric but one or two side is vinyl coated.   There is no ongoing maintenance required of this type of canvas unlike water repellent fabric which requires re-coating a DWR.

So What’s Right For My Boat?

There are two primary factors when deciding which canvas is best for you, what type of weather do you encounter and how do you plan on using it?

As mentioned before, water repellent canvas is a favorite amongst boats and the most popular solution in the marketplace today.   People love the variety of colors that are available, it’s soft touch and is fade resistant.  It does a great job of keeping the recreational boater dry and is cost effective.   It’s commonly used throughout all climates and is most popular on boat enclosures, bimini tops, aft covers and convertible tops.   Sunbrella offers a great line of water repellent acrylic marine canvas that comes with a 10-year warranty in over 75 colors.

Waterproof vs Water Repellent CanvasWaterproof marine canvas is more popular in the northeast and northwest where mother nature whips up some more her more nasty storms.   It’s also very popular for boat covers, especially “road” and storage covers.   Some boaters do prefer this type of material for all types of enclosures though but is not as popular or as common since it is more expensive than water repellent canvas.   Stamoid has an excellent line of waterproof canvases that comes in four different grades, light, heavy, open and top.

If your still undecided on what type of boat canvas is best for you take a trip down to your local harbor.   Walk around and see the different types of canvases used in your area and in different ways.  You can also work with your local canvas shop which will have a variety of samples of the various marine canvases available today.

Waterproof vs Water Repellent Canvas

We hope this article helped you in deciding on Waterproof vs Water Repellent Canvas for your boat. Please send any comments or ideas on Waterproof vs Water Repellent Canvas, we would love to hear your feedback.